How To Escape The Rat Race

How To Escape The Rat Race: Ways To Quit Your Job Without Burning Bridges

This article is influenced by the book “Unscripted” by MJ DeMarco. Click here to purchase this book from Amazon. Or, listen to the audiobook for free from audible.

Many people don’t know, but slavery still exists today; it may not be the same as before, but it still exists in the shape of modern-day slavery. Most people around us live a scripted life that means our life doesn’t allow us to think about anything other than our job. It doesn’t mean it is our mistake, but it is what we are told to do by different people we interact with at different steps of our lives. For instance, the pressure we face to get good marks or to start a job as doing business is always risky.

In this flawed system, we are only fed limited education so that we learn what we are made to learn without running a reality check on it. With the help of hyper-reality, we are brainwashed as it creates an artificial image in our minds that is far from reality.

Actually, our education system is flawed because it trains our children to be good employees, not problem solvers.

Today, mega-corporations or mega brands invest billions and trillions of dollars on advertisements to convince viewers that you should buy their products if you want to be happy. The media industry is also working in the same way as they have attracted your full attention by showing you news, movies, or web series to generate more dollars. Every industry around us wants to use the people for their own good.

This system wants us to live a scripted life and turn us into a(Mediocre, Obedient, Dependent, Entertained, Lifeless) model citizen.

But if you don’t want this scripted life and want to live your life with freedom, then this article is for you as here we will let you know the four life-changing principles stated by MJ DEMARCO in his book UNSCRIPTED that will help you to live your life unscripted.

Become A Producer, Not A Consumer

In 1926 a renowned magazine conducted an interview of a successful businessman in which he was asked why he has started to give his workers two days off in a week while the salary of the workers is the same as before.

For which he answered“consumption” powers the scripted mechanism that means the workers who are working in his industry are the same people who consume the product, so by giving them an extra holiday means they will consume more products that automatically increase the sale of my products and to fulfill the demand we will ask the same workers to do the job that will keep them working in the same cycle.

For instance, if you wanted to buy an expensive mobile for which you have to spend your whole month’s salary, then it means that you were working for that smartphone and not for your own good.

So if you want to save yourself from this trap, you will have to change the way you see things and transform yourself from a mindless consumer into a producer. After seeing the advertisements of different products on your television, you should produce something on your own rather than buy the product. To improve yourself, you should properly analyze the product and should see the world as a producer, not a consumer. If you are consuming less, then you will have more opportunities to produce the products.

There is a famous saying that will bring more clarity to my point.

“In a gold rush, don’t dig for gold sell shovels.”

When the whole world is digging for gold, you should sell shovels if you want to be successful.

Many professional people wonder and complain that an average sports player earns a lot more than doctors who are busy saving lives, but they are the same people who don’t know the law of affection.

Law of affection is the main reason players earn more money than doctors or most professions because they attract people towards them, and many people buy tickets just to see them play. Because of the enormous fan following, they endorse different brands, and because of that, many people buy the products recommended by them. They act as a money-making machine. The players attract millions of people and earn millions of dollars.

According to the law of affection, one can earn 1 million dollars by two methods.

Affect a lot of people, known as scale Affect people a lot, known as magnitude
Selling a $10 product to 100,000 people is scale.


Selling a $100,000 product to 10 people is a magnitude this method is successfully applied by many huge brands.

So if you want your business to be a success, you should not follow any blockbuster idea but follow what people are saying.

The author stated in his book that the complaints made by different people are actually an opportunity for entrepreneurs.

For instance, in America, people were not comfortable using the taxi services as they had a lot of issues with its timings and rates and hearing these types of complaints, uber was launched by an entrepreneur to make the user feel comfortable and apply all those complaints made by people in his company to make it perfect.

You may face many hurdles while producing something, but here we are going to state the second principle as a solution for you.

Don’t Chase Events, Follow The Process.

Whatever top performances we watch on the screens performed by the actors is only achieved after long sessions of practice, but the people who are living a scripted life feels like the fame these actors achieved happens overnight, but this is not the reality as whatever success stories we see around us doesn’t happen overnight it results from their hard work it is a process that makes us what we are today.

For example, whenever you go to buy groceries, just notice some people around you, and you see that whatever they have in their trolleys will match their bodies. For instance, if someone is fat, you will notice crackers, chips, and chocolates on the trolley.

So whatever happens, it happens because of the whole process. If someone who is fat will not get fit instantly, it is an entire process one must follow to see the results. If you want to see the results, you must have to change the way you make decisions.

You must have seen people around you. Whenever they get the idea to start a business, the first step they take is to make their business card even when there is not even a customer or even a product of their own.

This type of approach is stated as Action Faking by the author, as taking these types of actions does not affect the result. For example, buying new trainers even before going to the gym is action faking, but using whatever you have to go to the gym is action-taking.

So if you want to be an action taker, you should not only daydream about the idea, but you should be the one who executes the idea.

The perfect example of an action taker is Elon musk; when the whole world was daydreaming of clean energy and electric cars, he stood up and made these dreams a reality.

Build A Brand, Not Just A Company

You should focus on building a brand, not just a company, because by creating a brand, you are attracting people.

For instance, brands like Lamborghini and Ferrari do not run an ad on TV to attract people towards them because they know the wealthy people who buy these cars do not have enough time to see tv.

And because of the demand they have created for their brand, bring these types of successful customers to them.

This is why you should build a brand, and you should be very specific when creating a brand, as everyone will not be willing to buy a product from your brand. And you should be consistent if you want your brand to be a success. You should stop Action Faking and start being an Action taker and build an image of your brand.

Graduation Is Not The End Of The Education

Many people stop reading books after graduating as they think that they don’t have to gather more knowledge, but this is not the right approach because the actual competition starts after graduation as now is the time to apply everything you have learned throughout your college or university.

So you should never stop seeking the knowledge, and if you want to gain more knowledge, you just have to put the internet to its proper use and gather whatever knowledge you can to be a problem solver. Or you can start reading books on self-development.


Here in this article, we have let you know Four principles for you to read and understand.

  1. To save yourself from this cycle of consuming things, you should change yourself and be a producer, as no one in the world remembers those who have consumed the product, but the world recognizes the one who has created the product.
  2. To be successful, you should not directly jump to the result, but you should follow the whole process of ups and downs, as this is the only way you can succeed.
  3. You should keep your focus on building a brand and not just an average company, as only by creating a brand you can make a name for yourself.
  4. You should not limit yourself after graduating; you should keep learning new skills and represent yourself as a problem solver.
  5. This book Unscripted is not only a book, but it is a guide to be successful. Many successful people have lived their life unscripted and made a name for themselves in this world.