The Power of Passive Income

The Power of Passive Income: Make Money While You Sleep

This article is influenced by the book “The Parable of the Pipeline” by Burke Hedges. Click here to purchase this book from Amazon.

This story is about an Italian village. In that village, there were two cousins, Pablo and Bruno, who used to dream big and want to be very successful, as they were very hardworking and intelligent. They always keep on looking for different opportunities as they wanted to be the richest persons in their village.

Once they got an opportunity to earn money, as their village needed two people who could bring water into the village from a nearby river, this work was given to Pablo and Bruno. For each bucket that they will bring into the village, they will earn 1 penny.

Bruno starts thinking that all his dreams are going to be true. But Pablo was the one who was not happy with the idea because, after carrying the heavy buckets throughout the day, his hands were hurting really bad.

That is why he started to think of different ways throughout the day to make the task somehow easier, and one day, while resting, he thought of an idea to install a pipeline from the river to direct into the village. Bruno did not approve of this idea as he was not interested in the idea; he was just enjoying the present by thinking of all the buckets he was getting paid for after towing them throughout the day; that is why he ignored his cousin and started to work harder in order to get paid more.

Pablo did not lose hope even after his idea was rejected by his cousin and started to work on his plan; he divided his day into two halves for the first half; he used to dig for the pipeline, and for the other half, Pablo used to bring buckets from the river he knew that trying to build a pipeline will make him lose money in the start he also knew that this process could take more than a year or two, but he did not lose hope even though his cousin and all the villagers were laughing at him and called him Pablo, the pipeline man.

On the other hand, the income of his cousin Bruno was doubled as he was carrying more and more buckets, and because of his income, his lifestyle changed; he bought a bigger house and started to buy different things for him to use, and because of his changed lifestyle the villagers and friends around him started to call him Mr. Bruno.

Pablo, Bruno’s cousin, used to work even on the weekends; Pablo knew that his work was harder than his cousin’s, and he reminded himself that the sacrifice he is making today would open the door for a better tomorrow.

As time passed, the pipeline was halfway complete, and now he only had to travel halfway for the buckets to be filled; on the other hand, his cousin Bruno was finding it difficult to carry buckets throughout the day, and now the people used to call him names such as Bruno, the bucket man.

After a few years, Pablo completed his pipeline, and now he used to supply fresh water to the villagers. He was earning a lot more, even though when he was with his family or sleeping or out at a party. Now because of Pablo, Bruno was out of the business as everyone used to buy water from Pablo because he was supplying fresh, quick, and unlimited water supply.

Now the question that you must ask yourself is, are you a bucket carrier or a pipeline builder? Do you want to work like Bruno, the bucket man, or do you want to work like Pablo, the pipeline builder who worked tirelessly for some time but now, even though he is earning while sleeping?

In this world, our system teaches us to live life like Bruno to carry more and more buckets throughout the day to earn more money, which is not the right way to live.

The author stated in his book that if you want society to know that you are rich, then you should spend all your savings on clothes and food, but if you want to be wealthy and wants to enjoy financial freedom, then you should start saving your money because wealth is that part of the money which we are never able to spend.

According to the author, we can never tell who is trying to look rich or who is truly wealthy by merely looking at them because wealth is completely hidden from the people around you same, like health that impacts your life in a great manner even if you are not interested in it.

Health is a sector that has completely changed itself throughout the year, and now the doctors can treat any type of sickness with the help of modern science, and with each passing day, we are getting more and more familiar with the human body. I am trying to make the point here today; we have doctors who can let us know about health-related problems.

But we don’t know who we should ask to help us in case we are stuck in wealth-related problems. Because of the lack of knowledge, some of us also don’t know how money works and are still afraid to invest their money even though they live their whole life in financial debt.

The same thing has happened with the people of North America even though they work a lot, but still, most of the people residing in North America are living under a huge financial debt.

So the question that arises here is as below.

Why do most people prefer to live their life as a bucket man?

The answer to this question lies in our upbringing because in our society, we are being trained to live our life like Bruno, the bucket man. And no one is trying to teach us to live our life like Pablo, the pipeline man.

Now you would be thinking that those working in a high-paying job would be much happier and more comfortable than those with a low-paying job.

According to the author, a dream job or a secure job is just an illusion which we are running after no matter how much you are earning; you will not be happy till the time you are selling your time to earn money. You will end up being in this bucket carrying world running and struggling to meet your month’s expenses.

Darryl Strawberry was a successful player of baseball who used to earn $5 million in a year, and by the time he turned 40, he was already enjoying his $100 million net worth.

Now, after knowing his Net worth, you would be thinking after earning this hefty amount, there is no chance he would be facing financial problems, but it was not like that he was suspended from baseball and was left with no source of earning and after some time he did not have enough money to support his wife or his children as he wasted all his money to keep his luxurious life stable and on alcohol and drugs.

But on the other hand, a woman named Margrate O’Donnell used to live in a town and was a teacher when she died, and her relatives got to know that her net worth was almost $2 million.

Now reading this, you would think that it is almost impossible for a teacher with a low income to earn that much money, but she was following a simple rule the amount she used to save at the end of the month she started to invest it in stocks as if she was building a long-term pipeline for her self.

That is why she was more successful than the baseball player Darryl; he was earning more, but he didn’t invest any of his money to build a pipeline for himself that may have helped him to keep his life stable.

According to research conducted by a psychologist, the people who are the boss of themselves are leading a more happy life than the people whose life is being controlled by someone else no matter how much they are earning.

An old saying goes by like this MONEY CAN’T BUY HAPPINESS; that is true as your happiness does not depend on money, but it depends on the freedom you enjoy because of that money.


Here we have tried to let you know the power of passive income, which you can also generate while sleeping or while you are out enjoying a party.

You can also build a pipeline for yourself and take leverage of your own time today in our world; the best way to build a pipeline is through the internet; you can set an online store, or you can work as a freelancer on the internet. This internet has opened several ways for people who want to build a pipeline for themselves.

The author has declared this internet the best pipeline one can build for him and his family; you, just need to introduce your business on the internet, and your work is done.