Some Things Will Never Change Quotes

Some Things Will Never Change Quotes

Time moves fast, and it’s impossible to trace it. Change is always an essential need for human growth. However, some things will never change. Certain things in life will always remain constant, even when other things change and become different. For instance, love from pets, children’s dreams, strong relationships, weather, your past, people’s actions, and the economy.

Also, this famous saying, “some things will never change” has been used to imply how humans negatively view the world and life. We often get too comfortable with what we’re doing in our lives and start thinking this way about everything. We often believe that despite what we do or the amount of effort we put to work, everything will always stay put with no sign of alteration.

Knowing the difference between the things that can change and those that can’t and adjusting accordingly is one of the biggest secrets of living a happy and fulfilling life. Concentrating more on things that will never change causes depression, frustration, and even disappointment.

Learn to accept the reality of unchangeable things and move on. Deal with it and always keep in mind that which can make you a better and stronger person.

As humans, we cannot fix unchangeable things. And even though many people try very hard to, they hardly come out victorious. These some things will never change quotes will help you accept that some things are best accepted as life for one to live a more fulfilling and productive life.

Some Things Will Never Change Quotes


1.”Things do not change; we change.” – Henry David Thoreau.


2.”Don’t waste your time thinking about things that you can’t change” – Anonymous.


3.”You can never have a successful end if you expect things to change as a result of miracles. Things will never change unless you take up the challenge to change them yourself.” – Israelmore Ayivor.


4.”Unless someone like you comes around, things will never change.” – Dr. Seuss.


5.”Every individual can make a difference , if we continue to leave decision making to the so-called decision makers, things will never change.” – Jane Goodall.


6.”Do not fear. Some things will never change.” – Roland Emmerich.


7.”While our world is shaking and crumbling, we need to realize that one thing will never change, and that is God. He is the same today as he was ten million years ago, and will be the same ten million years from today.” – Billy Graham.


8.”All great changes are preceded by chaos.” – Deepak Chopra.


9.”Some things never change and the intriguing things you fall in love with will become the things you don’t like.” – Courteney Cox.


10.”Change the way people think and things will never be the same”  – Steven Biko.

Accepting the Things That Will Never Change

Accepting things we can’t change may be among the most challenging aspects of life. But if we can’t change an outcome or situation, our best choice is to accept and deal with it. Here are some ways to live with greater acceptance of a happy life.

Expect less

Nowadays, we live in a world where most people believe that for one to achieve more, one ought to do more and be more. So far, this isn’t misleading information, but it usually gets ahead of our satisfaction. When something or someone doesn’t live up to our expectations, we often end up being angry or disappointed. Life may seem ruthless, unfair, and purposeless if our expectations don’t match reality.

Therefore, instead of expecting someone to act in a particular manner, or expecting something to happen, try to focus on creativity and acceptance. Put more effort into what you want to create instead of what you want to happen.

Free yourself from the past

Holding onto your past does more harm than good. Carrying that baggage from your past makes it even heavier the longer we hold onto it. We often burden ourselves when holding onto a mental reminder of our losses and mistakes everywhere we go, not knowing how much they take away from our current contentment and joy. No one can change their past. What occurred before can never be reversed, so the only hope is to accept the past, forgive ourselves, and move on.

With all that said, we hope you enjoyed our collection of some things will never change quotes, and you’ve been inspired to let go of the things that will never change.

Some Things Will Never Change

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