How to Live Your Best Life: 5 Things That Keep The Rich Richer

How to Live Your Best Life: 5 Things That Keep The Rich Richer

This article is influenced by the book “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. Click here to purchase this book from Amazon. Or, listen to the audiobook for free from audible.

Many of us live our lives in an unseen cage where we are forced to work in a loop to afford the necessities of life. But there are very few people breaking this unseen cage (where most people live an average life and with average salaries) to afford a better living for themselves.

So, finding the answer to how someone can break the barrier and jump out of this loop to make themselves successful, the author, Mr Wallace D. Wattles, conducted a series of interviews with billionaires. And after conducting a series of interviews, Mr Wallace got to know that one of the most crucial points that defined the difference between the middle-class and wealthy people was not the money or property, but it was the way of thinking that explains the difference.

So here today, we will let you know the 5 Things That Keep The Rich Richer for you to know and follow in the footsteps of these successful people.

Knowing the value of your time

If you are willing to achieve success in your life, then the first step you will have to take is to know the value of your time, as without knowing the value of your time, you will not be able to achieve success in your life.

To know the value of your time here, we will tell you a small story through which you can learn how these successful people manage their time by knowing the actual value.

Once there was a man whose wife sent him to buy some groceries for their home along with the list and rates of things she needed. Like every other man, he straight went to the store that he found the most convenient to him near his house.

But little did he know the owner of the shop has maintained the quality of the things like no other can, and that is why he was selling on the higher rates, which was no nearer than the rate his wife had mentioned on the list.

So after seeing the difference in the rate of the products, this man hopped on his scooter and went to another shop but still, the rates were nowhere nearer the rates his wife has mentioned, so after visiting a few more shops, he went to another store mentioned by his wife. Now the rates were the same as mentioned by his wife, but because of affordability, this shop was already stuffed with people, and because of it, more time was consumed for him to check out the counter.

After buying everything on the list at cheap rates, he was very happy actually to fulfil the task; now, you, the viewer, must let us know if what he did made him an impression of him as intelligent or stupid as the decision made by this man will define the difference between a middle-class man and a rich man.

Now middle-class people will applaud his decisions as he saved a lot of money. Still, on the other hand, rich and successful people will consider this man stupid as he has wasted 1 hour of his life just to get some groceries at a cheaper rate as if he had brought the groceries from the shop nearer to his house, he would have saved some time. He would have earned a lot more than he has saved, and that is the difference that defines the line between the middle-class and rich people.

Middle-class people are always trying and finding new ways to save money, but on the other hand, rich mindset people are always trying and finding new ways to generate more and more money.

Decision maker

Another difference you will see between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people never waste time on a decision. They just think, for instance, and apply it; while an unsuccessful person is not a decision-maker, they consume most of their time just to make the idea perfect rather than applying and making an effort on it to make it perfect.

Regarding the difference between successful and unsuccessful people, the famous YouTuber Tim Han quoted an example: one that I was chatting with my billionaire mentor and was discussing the subject of digital marketing, and because of my experience in digital marketing, I gave some strategic tips to my mentor to make his Facebook ads more successful.

Tim stated that Few hours after our conversation ended, I received a call from my mentor that after listening to my tips, he had already started to implement the strategies, and he needed more help with the content. After knowing that his mentor is such a quick decision-maker, he was shocked and felt that the power to make a quick decision is what makes him successful.

To make this point even further, the owner of Mind Valley Vishen Lakhiani has also stated in his new book (THE BUDDHA AND THE BADASS) a way to make the decision quicker than OODA, which was a theory first introduced by The U.S military strategist JOHN BOYD in order to perform any task quicker.

JOHN BOYD noticed a pattern in the Air force that the pilots who used to waste the number of bullets in practice were the ones who are considered as the best pilots as they were following OODA (OBSERVE, ORIENT, DECIDE and ACT), which means to take action as quickly as you can and then think if the decision you took was correct or not and the same method is also used by the most successful businessman.

Ask yourself the Who, not the How

Suppose while daydreaming in the shower, you discover an amazing idea that will not only make you successful but can also make the life of other’s easy, but before even implementing the idea, you start panicking by thinking that you don’t even know how will you take the steps you should take to achieve success as you are not the right man for the job.

So here, in place of asking how you should stop for a while and ask yourself the WHO. Who is the best person I will need for this job to achieve the level of success I am working for?

Suppose if Steve Jobs had asked HOW and not WHO, the iPhone would not have existed. But he asked WHO to himself that made him hire a team to make his dream into a reality. Or If you pay a contractor to make a home for you, do you think he will work personally? No, he will hire a team of professionals that will build a house according to his requirements, and that is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful person. A successful person will ask WHO, and an unsuccessful person will be stuck on HOW.

Power of thinking positive

Donald Trump stated that once he was on the verge of getting bankrupt, his liabilities increased day by day.

And whenever he used to see a poor man sitting on the corner of the road, he used to think that the poor man was way richer than him, as liabilities do not crush him, but he was only poor.

The thing that helped him recover from such a bad state was not any miracle, but it was the power of thinking positive and because of his ability to think positive made him pay all his liabilities and even made him the president of the United States of America.

So it is not the business that made one successful, but it is his power to think positively that made him rich.

The power to solve any problem

The thing that made successful people even more successful is that they never stop grinding and are always on the lookout to make their business a perfect example for many others to come.

To make this point even further, let us share a small story of SAM WALTON, one of the richest men in the field, but whenever he used to go to his competitor’s store, he even used to measure the distance between the shelves on his own while sitting on his knees.

He used to think that he should know each and everything of his competitor store to make his own store perfect. So through this story, we got to know that rich and successful people are very obsessive and have the power to solve any problem they are facing.

Successful people should be a solution providers.

Successful people are always solution providers, so they get richer and richer with each passing day.

Uber is a multibillion-dollar company providing its services in more than 69 countries all over the world, but the reason behind its success is the way TRAVIS thinks and handles the situation.

Many people were investing in the taxi business, but rather than competing with them, he started providing a solution by thinking creatively for both the driver and the passenger.


To summarise this whole content, we have let you know the difference between successful and unsuccessful people and the 5 things that keep the rich richer,

So if you wish to achieve success in your life, you must be able to follow these steps as followed by many multi-billionaires.

Do let us know what you think of our content and what changes you should make in yourself to be successful in your life. Do let us know in the comments section.