What is the purpose of life

What Is the Purpose of Life?


“The purpose of life is to find a purpose in life Gautama Buddha

The founder of Buddhism has a very beautiful quoted – the purpose of life.

This single quote is enough to make people understand how important it is to have a purpose in life.

At least once in our lives, we have all asked this question,” What Is The Purpose Of Life”. Many people complain about their life but in reality everyone is in control of their lives. The world can be very ruthless and the way you respond to the world affects your life.  Having a purpose in life is very important. It gives you a certain direction and makes you feel happy and content.

The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is a relative term. Every person has a different purpose of life based on their culture and experiences. There are around 8 billion people on the planet. So, you are bound to find people who are very casual about living life. On the other hand you can also find people who have a strict code they live by.

Religious people have a different purpose of life as compared to non-religious. The same way people in 1st world countries generally have a different purpose of life than people living in poverty stricken countries.

There are some things that are common amongst the population. For example a father’s life purpose would be to bring his kids up in a wonderful way. A religious person’s life purpose would be to work for the betterment of his/her afterlife.

Is Having A Purpose In Life Important?

Many people believe that the chatter about having a purpose in life is just goof for motivational speeches. This is not at all true. Having a purpose in life can have remarkable affect on you and everything you do. Whether it is academics, your career or any other aspect of life, having a purpose is crucial.

You have to realize that we did not come in this world to eat, sleep and work. Your purpose in life will help in making your life meaningful. It will give you a direction to achieve your objectives. For example if the purpose of your life is to stay healthy and happy, you would work hard to achieve happiness and maintain health.

How Can One Find Purpose in Life

Finding a purpose in life can be tricky. You have to sit down, relax and think about it. Looking at other successful people and thinking about reaching their level of success can be a great purpose but it is ideal to keep your purpose free from any type of competition. You can still have a purpose in life that is related to amassing large amounts of wealth. However, you should base your purpose on other people.

Your purpose should solely be based on what you think about yourself and the world around you. Is there a certain area where you want to excel? Is there a specific way you want your kids to turn out? Things like these are general purposes of life that people have.

The Best Time to Find a Purpose in Life

People who find their purpose in life from early years tend to lead a more successful life. Finding your purpose in life from a young age is ideal. However this does not mean that you can think about your purpose in life when you are in your middle age or a senior citizen.

The purpose in life is always a long term matter. It is something you want to achieve over the course of your life. You can have smaller goals as well but those smaller goals would reach to a higher purpose.

Most of the times your purpose in life stays the same. However certain events in your life may affect your purpose of life. For example once you have children, your purpose of life can start revolving around them. Early 20s is the best time to think about a purpose in life. This is because in their early 20s a person is wise enough to know his/her limit. They can also differentiate between what is good for them and what is not. It also gives ample time to people to execute their plans to reach their objectives.

Imagine a Life without Purpose

Just lie down, close your eyes and imagine a life without a purpose. Would you like to drive on a long road that has no direction signs on it? The same way your life is a long road and you need directions to reach your destination in a smooth way.

Many people link the purpose of life to money and success. Now, that can be a purpose of life but it is not the only purpose of life. Many people prefer happiness over money. The same way there are many things other than money that can make your life meaningful.

Whether it involves becoming rich or not, having a purpose is very important. If you imagine a life without purpose, you will realize how dull and unimportant your life can get. When you have a purpose, you know what you are living for.

The Other Argument

Having a purpose in life is important. Where there are people who strictly believe in having a purpose in life. There are also people who believe that this is just a waste of time. Everyone faces ups and down in life. People who can’t cope with the pressures of life start thinking about negative things. They lose all hope in themselves and the world around them. This is when they start thinking that life is meaningless.

The world has become such a ruthless place to live in. The big corporations, worsening economic condition, climate change have all made people so stressed out. People feel like they don’t have time to search for a purpose in life. What people don’t realize is that having a purpose in life can save them from such situations. It can help them get rid of stress and make their life more meaningful.

If the pressure of your work and stress of life is making you lose your purpose in life then it is better to leave that work. Your purpose in life should be the most important thing.


We cannot emphasize more on having a purpose in life. However one other thing of great importance is that your purpose in life should always be a positive one. You shouldn’t make it your purpose to hurt someone or do bad to other people. When you have a purpose in life, you try to harness power to achieve that purpose or that goal. When you have a negative purpose in life then not only will that lower your quality of life but it will also have a very damaging affect on you and the people around you. It is very important to always stay positive about your purpose in life. Never lose hope and keep on working hard to achieve your goals. You will surely feel the different in your life. Your quality of life will improve and you will feel better and more confident about yourself. Having a passionate purpose in life can help you reach the full extent of your potential.

So if you still haven’t thought about your purpose of life, then what are you waiting for. No matter what stage of life you are in, it is never late to start thinking about the purpose of life.

What Is the Purpose of Life?