Should I Start a Business or Get a Job

Should I Start a Business or Get a Job

When you are about to enter your professional life, you will come across this massive and the most confusing question in your head, should I start a business or get a job? You will be asking this in your mind tons of times and end up not getting any soothing answer.

So, you will decide to ask some of your close acquaintances about what you should do. Now, the answer you will get from them will eventually depend on what their profession is. A businessman will always tell you to start a business because that is where the profit lies.

But, if that person is in a job, then he would tell you to get a job just because it is safer than starting a business and you will not lose your money. So, what is the best choice for you? If you want to have exponential growth as far as money is concerned, then the business is a better choice.

But you cannot count out the risk factor involved in businesses. You can go from rags to riches in a few days or you can go from riches to rags in no time. That is what business is all about. And you will see a lot of people getting broke while doing business.

Also, you will find examples like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, and so many others who are setting the parameters high for businessmen. They didn’t go broke.

So, if by doing business, everyone would go broke, then why these legends didn’t?

Should I Start a Business or Get a Job

It is not a universal truth that by doing business you will go bankrupt. Therefore, for ambitious people looking for exponential growth, definitely, business is a lot better choice than a job.

A Job Can Be a Learning Curve

A lot of you might be doing a 9 to 5 job right now. So, by knowing the obvious truth that to make money rapidly, you need to start a business, you might start feeling a bit low. But you shouldn’t be because you are in the best possible situation to start your business. Wondering why?

Well, you are working for a company. And that company is doing the business. So, you are getting a hands-on experience of how to run a company. Also, you are not investing anything in the business. Instead, you are getting paid for your learning.

Many people would lament their fortune of not having enough money to start their business. But those people will never get enough money to start a business. You need to start saving your money and keep learning from the job you are doing to start your business.

This is a brilliant opportunity that you just cannot let slip. Keep acquiring the skills you need to improve the product or services you want to provide to your customers. Also, learn how to manage a business because that sometimes can be more important than products and services.

At times, you will see rubbish products or services get sold at high prices and quality products and services fail to get its due value just because of the lack of management skills which also involve marketing. So, get to know all of these facets of doing business.

Remember, you are doing a 9 to 5 job and getting a good salary not. But this job is not your ultimate goal. One day, you will go out of your comfort zone (Job) and start your business. So, don’t get stuck in the comfort zone, be brave because success is waiting for you at the end of the road.

Skills You Need

When it comes to business skills, many would think about the skill of offering services or products of the highest stature to their customers. But, there are other things that play a key role in the success of your business apart from the products or services that you sell. So, wondering what are those skills?


In maths, you learnt that there are many large equations which you can simplify by following certain steps. You have to apply that to your business as well. You may have a grand business idea that is written with thousands of pages. But, in reality, clients don’t care about that.

If you take more pages to explain your business ideas, then you are not clear about the idea in your mind. Thus, you need more time and pages to explain it. Also, your clients will get confused by hearing your grand and long idea because it is too complex.

So, simplify your ideas. Learn how to simplify them so that your team, your clients, and everyone else involved in your business gets on the same page as you are. This simplicity will lead you to acquire more clients and increase your business.

The Other Perspective

When you are in a business, you should always be open to seeing the perspectives from others’ viewpoint. Now, if you can see things from others’ point of view, then you will be able to solve the problems arising in your business quite easily. You have to understand what clients want.

For example, you have made a fantastic candy that you love. Now, you go to the shops and ask the shopkeepers to sell your candies. When you go back to those shops to get feedback, you hear that customers think that your candies suck.

So, if you cannot understand the viewpoint of others, then you will never understand why your candies suck. Also, you will not be able to deliver candies what customers will love and hence, your business will fail eventually. So, learn to see things from a different standpoint as well.

Feel the Emotion

Running a business can sometimes be all about feeling the emotions of the customers. You should know that customers can make emotional decisions about their purchase. So, if you can feel the emotions of others, then you will easily increase your business.

You will know when your clients want to have that additional offer or when the market (the emotions of the customers) is at the right state to launch your new product. If you fail to grasp the emotions of the customers and make naïve decisions, you will end up facing catastrophic consequences.

Be Selfless

In business, if you want to succeed, your intentions have to be good. You need a team that will work together on a single goal (the success of your business). So, you need to be ready to give something to your team members to receive their total devotion to your goal. What you give to your team members doesn’t always have to be monetary. Even a nice compliment can work wonders for their confidence and allegiance.

Also, when you are designing and creating a product, you should have honest intentions of giving your customers a product that will have value for their money. If you only think about profits, then you will rarely find success. If your intentions are in the right place, you will surely find success. So, act selflessly and you will see how it increases your business rapidly.

Final Verdict

In the end, this job vs business is a never-ending debate. But should I start a business or get a job is a decision that you will have to take.

Definitely, business is a lot better option. But, to find business success, you need to create a learning attitude. You have to constantly learn and grow yourself. Only then, you will end up finding the success you seek in your life.