How much is One Million Dollar

How much is One Million Dollar?

For an ordinary person like me, getting one million dollars would be a dream that I would see rarely.

I would first try to figure out how in the world did I end up getting a million dollars and what are things I can do with this gigantic sum of money.

Yes, you got it right, I’d keep on pondering about how do I spend this large amount of money and there are possibilities that I might even faint by seeing such a large amount all at once.

Well, if you hand out a million dollars to a broker in Wall Street, don’t get surprised if the amount multiplies within weeks.

Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America and also one of the most successful business tycoons in the world, claimed that he started his business with a SMALL LOAN of A MILLION DOLLARS from his father. Surprisingly, right?

My father would’ve abandoned me if I would have asked him for 1000 dollars, let alone one million. 

The write-up strives to elaborate actually how much is a million dollars.

What are things you can purchase with a million dollars? What are the services you can enjoy with a million dollars?

How can you effectively use a million dollars for your personal development? There are a number of things you can achieve and earn with one million dollars, but today we’ll be focusing one magnitude of this amount. 

How can you obtain a million dollars? 

Getting hands on a million dollars is not a joke. If you try to withdraw a million dollars from the bank and say it’s from your account. First of all, you need to sign a written document and have a nominee in order to cash a million dollars of a cheque.

If you plan to take a loan of a million dollars from any bank, you need to show appropriate evidence and proof. You need to show that you have a sufficient amount of assets and cash to pay off the loan with a given amount of interest. 

Let’s not think about formally having a million dollars. Let us imagine that we have a million dollars in cash out of the blue and you have all the freedom in the world to spend it the way you like it.

You can get yourself your dream car, you can go and buy a mansion in Silicon Valley, you can go and spend a week at a lavish hotel in Las Vegas, and many more. 

How do you utilize a million dollars? 

To be honest with you, a million dollars shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of your life.

According to a famous Economics theory, the wants of any individual are unlimited, but the resources are limited.

Following this renowned theory, we can make the best use of a million dollars that would give us the maximum benefit.

A million dollars can get you an ample amount of ownership in Wall Street.

You can get different categories of shares from Fortune 500 company and you can easily multiply your money by trading these shares. 

A million dollars will easily get you at least fifty cars, just think about it fifty cars in your basement.

You will be able to travel in any part of the world without any obstruction or hassle.

You can book yourself a first-class ticket at Emirates or Qatar Airways and like the celebrities around the world you can luxuriously travel to your destination.

With all these being said, a million dollars brings about a lot of responsibilities on an individual’s shoulder. The power of money can make significant changes in society if utilized properly. (VILLALBA, 2011)

Can a million dollars make a person happy? 

You might be thinking that this is a silly question that the writer has asked, but this question is actually pretty important.

If you approach a homeless person and tell him that he is about to win a lottery of a million dollars, you’ll see a special glow or a smile that will literally melt your heart.

At that moment you will realize how a million dollars can make an individual happy. 

If you go to a multi-billionaire and offer him a million dollars, you’d receive a completely different reaction from him.

He might come forward to offer you more than the amount that you’ve shown him, and he wouldn’t be content with this sum of money.

So, the perception of a million dollars will definitely vary from one person in one society to another.

Can you make a change with a million dollars? 

Do you know what a million dollars can do?

It can build a hospital in those countries of Africa where people are dying due to the deprivation of a proper healthcare system.

A million dollars can feed thousands of babies on the streets of those middle eastern countries that are war-prone.

For the past many years Palestine is suffering and with one million dollars you can give shelter to at least a thousand people, they can have a roof over their head and food to eat, rather than starving to death. 

A million dollars can bring about a huge social impact on the environment.

Young leaders around the world are coming up with sustainable ideas that can help reduce pollution and hence significantly lower the level of global warming around the world.

Due to a lack of funding from the government, they’re unable to implement their ideas and bring a change in their surroundings.

You know they can make the difference with a million dollars. A million dollars at their exposure can bring about wondrous changes and a revolution for a better world. 


In the end, money is obviously not the last resort to all problems around us.

Yes, who wouldn’t like a million dollars?

You can get yourself a fancy sports car, girls can buy unlimited makeup and designer clothes, children would buy the entire toys section at Walmart, and many more.

The power possessed by a million dollars is unimaginable, it can change a person’s whole world and they can help to pay off their loans or debts.

Some parents dream to give their students quality education, and their dreams can finally be fulfilled.

So, my last question is to the readers, how would you value a million dollars?

Please let le know in the comment.

How much is One Million Dollar?