Four Colors That Give You an Unexpected Productivity Boost

4 Colors That Give You an Unexpected Productivity Boost

I still remember the first day I went to school, I was clad in a yellow jumpsuit and I had a fancy red flask hanging through my neck.

The red and yellow color combination was something, which fascinated me and I was surely catching all the attention upon entering the premises.

Now, there can be two deductions to everyone staring at me. One I was looking extremely funky and cool among the rest of the kids and the others, which I feel is the obvious one, I made myself look like a stupid and made a joke out of my dressing sense on the very first day at school.

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This is just a brief story of how colors have affected my personality. I’m sure on that day at school, many of the kids may have thought that this kid must have a fun nature and he must be a fun-loving person.

But in reality, I was struggling to go ahead and approach other kids to even start a conversation.

The write-up focuses on four colors that you can carry with you or subtly wear when going to a meeting, attending an important presentation at the office, giving an extempore speech in front of a large crowd, etc.

Sporting that specific color will give you a motivational and productivity boost and this is what we will be discussing.

Choosing the Right Color

Whenever you think of a certain individual or an object, the first thing you try to connect with them is through colors.

For example, if you think about Donald Trump, the first thing that might come to your mind is an orange guy with blonde hair, as simple as that. If you think about the company Coca-Cola, you think about a red a black background first, which contains bottles and coke all around.

In order to create a connection between something you’re thinking about and trying to picture in your mind, you try to colorize your thoughts.

You might be thinking how can a color boost your productivity.

Well, it can and I’m going to give you some practical examples of how.

Ever noticed that the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, used to wear the same black turtle neck and blue jeans to all his important presentations? Apparently, that get-up gave him a lot of confidence and he used to feel himself while putting it on.

Modern offices tend to put a significant amount of emphasis on the color combinations of the walls, chairs, desks, and accessories.

The proper colors can bring out the maximum productivity among the employees in a company, and they will feel more homely and positive.

Blue – the color of calmness

Blue is defined as the color of calmness; an individual tends to feel more relaxed and composed if there’s a blue color in his or her surroundings. According to several doctors, the color blue is related to having lower levels of stress due to low blood pressure.

The color feels breathable to individuals and they tend to feel more focused on their given task. (How These Colors Affect Your Productivity, n.d.)

When the environment is calm and composed, the concentration of an individual stays fixed on a single goal rather than getting distracted.

In an office where the employees tend to work with numerous data, facts, and figures, they need to keep a cool head to avoid any false entry or calculations.

All in all, the color blue suits very well with office interiors, if you’re going to attend an important meeting or interview a blue tie can surely boost your productivity. (GENEVER, n.d.)

Purple – The color of awareness

A large portion of your productivity depends on how much aware you’re about the surrounding individuals and how much emphasis you give to small details.

The color purple tends to increase your sense of presence and awareness of the slight changes in the environment. Purple is a color that denotes a sign of lavishness and anyone who wears it to a party or an office, is perceived highly by observers. (How These Colors Affect Your Productivity, n.d.)

To boost your productivity, purple is a color you can try out. You get a sense of confidence in the work you’re doing.

An individual tends to be more creative and imaginative about the work he is doing. If he is onto a complex task, he tends to figure out alternative methods and processes to solve the issue efficiently. The lighter shades of purple seem more welcoming to others. (INCREASE WORK PRODUCTIVITY WITH COLOR PSYCHOLOGY, n.d.)

Yellow – The color of Emotion

Yellow is perceived as unpleasant and informal by many individuals and they tend to avoid the color when attending formal functions.

Little do they realize that the color yellow can work as a massive enhancement to your productivity. The color yellow represents that an individual is active and dynamic with his work.

A person pulling off yellow in a formal event will give a sign of high confidence and poise.

Your level of productivity depends a lot on your confidence and your emotion. Whenever you have the color yellow around you, there’s a sense of positive vibe and an uplifting mood.

For individuals who tend to work with critical ideas and always have to think out of the box, yellow can be an ideal color for them. (How These Colors Affect Your Productivity, n.d.)

Red – The color of Power

Red is a vibrant color, and it always gives a sense of power and authority to an individual. Why do you think the color red is always used for alarming?

The color red tends to make you aware and notify of deadlines and important work to be finished early. (GENEVER, n.d.)

For improving your productivity in desk jobs, you can mark your important files and worksheets with red tape.

This will give you a sense of emergence to get you done with that work at the earliest time. The lighter or darker shades of colors will give others a sense of acceptability and assurance towards your work and activities. (How These Colors Affect Your Productivity, n.d.)


There’s no hard and fast rule that the above four colors will give you an unexpected boost in your productivity. For many of us it might be the color green, it might be white, and it might also be black. Hence, you should opt for the color that gives you more comfort and ease in work.

4 Colors That Give You an Unexpected Productivity Boost